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Any questions? Here you will find all the answers about working at A-ROSA.

Jobs Ashore

You can easily apply online via our website. Click on the application button on the respective vacancies to access an application form where you can enter your information and upload documents. Within this applicant platform, you can also apply for other positions with us and view the status of your applications at any time.

We need your resume (CV), a cover letter, references and certificates. Please ensure that all information are up to date and complete. You are also welcome to send us information about your salary expectations in advance.

You can send an e-mail to jobs-zentrale@a-rosa.com. If necessary, attach the application documents that you were unable to upload to the e-mail. We are happy to assist you.

The requirements vary depending on the position. In most cases, we appreciate work experience which is relevant to the position, and the ability to work in a team and a readiness for continuous development.

If there is no fitting job offer for you, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application to https://a-rosa-flussschiff.onlyfy.jobs/job/1bn82fu1. We will then check whether we currently have a vacancy that matches your profile. Alternatively, we will be happy to keep your application in our pool for a later date. 

We will review your application and inform you whether we forward the application to the department for further checking. If we are interested, we will arrange an appointment with you. Should your application not be suitable to us, we will report back in a timely fashion as well.

We are happy to conduct our interviews in person at our headquarters in Rostock or via Microsoft Teams. 

As an employee you receive 30 vacation days and as an apprentice 25 vacation days per year with a 5-day week.

Every employee is able to work from home after an appropriate training period on the company premises. A-ROSA offers varying models depending on the position.

It is possible to work part-time at A-ROSA. Our part-time models are discussed with you individually when you are hired.

Yes, A-ROSA offers the opportunity to do a student internship or a compulsory internship during your studies. However, internships are very limited.

A-ROSA has been hiring apprentices since 2007. Every year on the 1st August we usually welcome two apprentices as tourism clerks. In 2023, we were named TOP training company by the Rostock branch of IHK for the first time. Read more here.

Depending on the position, approx. 4-8 weeks are planned for induction to get to know the department and the tasks of the position. Furthermore, there are also regular introductory events for new employees, where you can get to know all the company's departments better and gain an overview of the product and the range of tasks in each department.

Jobs on Board

You will always receive your salary (in euros) on the 10th of the following month after the start of the contract.

We recommend that you have some cash (approx. 150 Euro) for the first 4 weeks. An advance payment on board is not possible.

Visa costs will be transferred at the end of the season after presentation of the invoice.

The arrival (e.g. by flight, 2nd class train, long-distance bus) at the beginning of the contract and the departure at the "End of Season" will be booked or reserved by the employer from/to
the train station or airport. The choice of the means of transport is the responsibility of the employer. Your documents will be delivered at least 5 days before arrival.

You will receive information about the current berth as well as the contact to the hotel manager on board with your travel documents. The onward journey from the train station or
airport to the berth must be organized by yourself using public transport. The costs (only public transport) can be submitted afterwards via the A-ROSA shipping company. Only members of the ship's council (captain, HM, LTO) are entitled to cab rides and therefore cannot be reimbursed.

Depending on the form of travel, the luggage regulations of the transport company apply. For flights, one piece of luggage (20-23 kg) is booked. Costs for excess baggage or additional
suitcases will be borne by the employee. Please note the currently valid hand luggage regulations. The instructions on your ticket and on the airlines' websites apply.

Yes, every hotel employee is free to decide whether he or she wants to go on vacation during the season or whether he or she wants to "accumulate" his or her vacation and have it paid out at the end of the contract. We try to take your wishes into account and approve them in good time. We ask for your understanding that we need an early information about the hotel
manager for this since also a replacement for the vacation time must be organized.

You organize, book and pay for your home and return travel to and from the vacation yourself.
Your booked tickets for arrival/departure must be submitted as a copy to the HM and HR before the start of the vacation so that the employee can be informed in the event of any changes.

We cannot give a firm commitment for a specific assignment. The assignment planning is done by the respective department heads. We pay attention to harmonious teams which are put
together according to the abilities. Depending on the situation, deployment requests can be made possible as long as the deployment planning allows it. However, there is no entitlement.

During the 2-month probationary period, you and also the employer have to observe a notice period of 7 days. If you give notice, then you will be responsible for your return travel expenses.
After the probationary period, you or the employer can terminate the contract with a notice period of 30 days. Please also note the other points in your employment contract.

The costs for a pension (BVG) - and unemployment insurance are borne by A-ROSA.

Yes, from the moment you leave for the ship (direct route), during the duration of your contract and until you arrive home (direct route), you are covered by health and accident insurance
through A-ROSA. Please do not cancel your health insurance, but inform the insurance company that you will be insured through Switzerland/ or France during your employment with us. The
form that your health insurance company needs from you to process your membership accordingly will be sent automatically.

Registration with the health insurance company is done automatically by Human Resources in Chur after the 1st salary payment. This means at the end of the 1st month or in France after the 3rd month. The dispatch of the insurance cards then takes about 3 weeks and is sent by ship's mail to the respective ship.

No. Dental costs are not covered. Our recommendation: Because of the possible high costs, take out additional private dental insurance.

As a rule, the costs of a visit to the doctor (50 - 200 euros and more are possible) are to be paid in cash by the crew member himself. Depending on the treatment, the bill can be submitted by us to the health insurance company. Subsequently, the invoice with proof of payment and cost reimbursement form will be sent as a PDF by e-mail to hr.fluss@a-rosa.com. Only when the health insurance company approves the invoice, you will automatically receive the money back with the invoice. We ask for your patience here, the process can take several weeks.

In case of illness on board you will be transported by the hotel manager to the nearest doctor in the respective port. The costs will be covered by your employer (see employment contract). In
case of illness or infection (e.g. Noro or Corona virus) an early departure or immediate isolation can be ordered by the hotel manager or the shipping company.

In order to prevent illness and protect persons on board and/or to comply with health or vaccination regulations of the countries of transit, the employer may require, at the employee's
expense, that EU-certified vaccinations (hepatitis A and B, polio, diphtheria, tetanus or Covid-19) and other prophylactic measures be taken.

No, the costs are a hiring criterion and cannot be reimbursed.

First aid certificate only for SPA employees & department managers, max. 2 years old - further training will take place in 2023 on the ship at the start of the season.